Aegis Capital Corp

Aegis Capital Corp

Friday, June 10, 2016

Online Sources for Basic Information on Investing

Aegis Capital Corp. works from its New York headquarters to provide a range of financial advisory and wealth management services. Established in 1984, the investment bank conducts research through liaising with experts in business and industry with the goal of assembling high-quality, differentiated information. Aegis Capital Corp. staff members understand that by offering finely tuned alternative scenario analysis, they can help customers pinpoint potential new avenues for long-term investment.

This kind of research is vital to the operation of any financial advisory firm. While the typical layperson lacks the resources to conduct investigations of this quality, a few basic research tools can assist anyone in becoming a more knowledgeable investor. A number of respected online resources in the financial field, including, offer tutorials that teach the basics of fundamental analysis for beginners in investing. Investopedia additionally offers an extensive glossary of terms related to finance, as well as articles that cover individual topics in detail. is another excellent resource that provides links to information on automobile insurance, credit cards, mortgages, and investing. The site strives to make sure that the language used in its articles is clear and easy to understand.

The popular “For Dummies” series of books covers scores of topics, including finance and investing. The brand also offers an online presence at, where its pages on personal finance offer information on, for example, calculating investment risk and ascertaining a company’s worth.

Finally, the website provides an updated newsfeed with stories related to finance and investing.