Aegis Capital Corp

Aegis Capital Corp

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Qualities of Successful Sales Traders

Since 1984, Aegis Capital Corp. has provided in-depth financial services for institutional investors in New York City and elsewhere. Aegis Capital Corp. employs a team of experienced sales traders who maintain constant contact with trading desks and market makers and help clients make trades at favorable prices.

In the world of finance, sales traders act as a liaison between their firm’s clients and traders. As such, sales traders must have excellent communication skills and the ability to reconcile the limitations of the trader and the demands of the client. In the same vein, sales traders must be able to take criticism from clients in stride, especially when a trade does not go as expected.

In today’s business landscape, sales traders are increasingly called upon to handle electronic aspects of a firm’s business. In addition to managing client and trader relationships, sales traders must help clients decide on execution mechanisms, which often include risk capital, program trading, or algorithms. Sales traders must also have an in-depth knowledge of compliance, regulation, and multiple asset classes.