Aegis Capital Corp

Aegis Capital Corp

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Apex Clearing Corporation’s Risk Management Approach

Aegis Capital Corp focuses on providing clients with financial solutions for capital market transactions. Since 1984, Aegis Capital had continuously evolved by teaming up with other industry partners. Among the partners of Aegis Capital Corp is Apex Clearing Corporation.

Apex Clearing Corporation combines 150 years of experience to provide retail and institutional solutions to its clients and partners. As a self-clearing broker, Apex identifies clearing as its primary focus, while retaining complete control over the process for transparency and efficiency. The company also developed an approach that mitigates the risk which other clearing firms often overlook. This approach is called the Apex RiskCheck.

Apex RiskCheck features a five-tiered approach that identifies risk factors in clearing operations. This includes Real-Time Risk Monitoring, Portfolio Stress Tests, Compliance and Regulatory Checks, New Client Evaluation Processes, and Strong Financial Management. Through this approach, Apex Clearing Corporation remains true to its commitment in protecting the assets and business of its clients.